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MAM Club - Newsletter, prizes and calendars

Welcome to the exciting MAM world!

Discover the many benefits of our MAM Club:

  • Monthly newsletter detailing the latest MAM products, exciting baby topics and lots more
  • Pregnancy calendar - an ideal companion during the nine exciting months of your pregnancy with very useful tips
  • Monthly baby development calendar - everything you need to know about your new baby from their first eye movement to conquering the playground
  • Great prizes are waiting to be won in our numerous competitions for our MAM Club members
  • In the many MAM product tests, parents have the option to test products in advance

Register right here for the MAM Club and take advantage of the many benefits of being a Club member! Ensuring that trendsetters are always one step ahead!

It is important for this that you provide us with accurate details!

Pregnancy & baby development Calendar - MAM

Pregnancy calendar

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! An exciting 40 weeks now lie ahead of you. With our monthly pregnancy newsletter, we will support you through this exciting period with useful tips and vital topics.

Baby development calendar

From when they first open their eyes to when they conquer the playground – in our monthly newsletter you will find everything you need to know and all the exciting news about your baby.